Plas Y Bryn Nursing Home, Rhôs on Sea, North Wales

Facilities and Care

Dining Room at Plas Y BrynPlas y Bryn has 18 single bedrooms, all of which have en suite facilities. The size of each bedroom complies with the appropriate standard.

Each bedroom is attractively decorated, in a bright and cheerful colour scheme. The furniture provided is in country pine style, which looks homely rather than institutional. Every bedroom has a lock, which is easy for the Resident to use, to ensure that privacy and possessions are protected.

The main lounge is a large sunny room, furnished in traditional style with a range of comfortable armchairs and settees. There is a television and music centre in the lounge, along with a Now TV Box to enable people to watch films, box sets or programmes of their choice. Residents may also use the computer games console, which encourages physical activity. There is also internet access available to residents.

The dining room is also a large and sunny room and Residents are encouraged to take their meals here. Within this room there is a small quiet area where people can watch TV, read or enjoy some 1-1 time with staff.

Bedroom at Plas Y BrynPlas y Bryn has been operating for a number of years as a home solely for people who have traditionally challenged mainstream services. It provides nursing care to people who, due to a variety of reasons, have disorders affecting their ability to respond appropriately. It is registered with the Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) as a Care Home providing Nursing Care for up to 18 people who have functional Mental Health Problems and/or people who have Dementia or are Mentally Infirm. The conditions that challenge can affect people of all ages, therefore the Home caters for adults under and over the age of 65 although the standards document to which it complies is the National Minimum Standards for Care Homes for Younger Adults. Older People (65 plus) will be provided with a service that would meet the required standards for Care Homes for Older People.

Plas y Bryn offers nursing services to men and women who have problems or conditions resulting in a Psychiatric disorder. This may include mental health problems and learning disability. The people who reside at Plas y Bryn have a propensity to severely challenge due to behaviour or mental illness. Admission is normally via referral from the Primary or Secondary Health Services or the Local Authority’s Social Services Department. Plas y Bryn does not take emergency admissions. Admission is always planned and phased, according to individual Person need.

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